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Fully Automated Aerial Inspections

No setup. no planning. no piloting

Autonomous Recognition

The robot has been taught in advance a generic model and the type of points to be inspected. Once launched in the vicinity of the target, the robot recognizes the structure and creates a mission plan. No pre-scanning of the structure or environment from the ground is required.

Autonomous Planning

Based on mission objectives and on-the-fly 3D perception, the robot autonomously plans the most optimized trajectory covering all the points of interest. There is no need for user input, such as GPS coordinates or inspection points, to generate the flight plan.

Autonomous Inspection

The robot swiftly locks on each inspection point with high precision. This ensures a much shorter overall inspection time and delivery of accurate and relevant data.

Sense & Avoid

Dynamic and unknown obstacles are avoided mid-flight with real time re-planning of the trajectory. Obstacles can be detected easily within 100+ meters. This allows the robot to safely continue the mission without interruption. 

Hassle-free Mission planning

Usual Process

Without our technology, the user would need to systematically setup, plan or pilot for each structure. Over and over again...

With Caspian

We only teach the robot once how to recognize a family of similar structures. This enables the system to autonomously plan flight trajectories, every single time. No need for user input, setup or piloting.

Intuitive Reporting

Results are presented in an intuitive and simplified 3D interface with pinpoint accuracy. Only see what you care about and matters to you.

A Full Stack Solution

Caspian will deliver a package complete with the hardware platform best suited to your needs including the drone, recharge station and carrying case. Customers will be able to immediately start operations without the need for setup or planning. The system comes pre-setup with the location and generic model of the structures together with mission instructions for each category.

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