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Our Values

We worship innovation but at the same time want to make sure Customer Values drive our choices and priorities. We like to lead but are eager to learn. We are driven by results but care about how we treat others on the way. We speak from one voice to the market but praise internal differences and personal opinions. We fairly fight our competition but cherish partnerships. We are a diverse and international group of individuals enjoying our work and life in the trendy and inspiring city of Berlin.

Our Mission

We are passionate about solving real world problems with intelligent robotic solutions. Our obsession with simplicity drives massive focus on automation of everything that users do not care about. We want to offer our customers the most efficient solutions with no requirement for any user intervention. We call this new paradigm Zero User Interface or ZUI.

Our Facilities


HQ & Operations


Industrial Hangar for Indoor Test
and Manufacturing


Private Outdoor Park for Testing

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If you are in love with brains and wings…
If you want to make truly autonomous flight a reality…
If you share our values...
Come and join us at Caspian.

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Incubate your robotics ideas and projects at Caspian!
We support robotics innovation and contributions to open source software by hosting talented individuals for a limited period of time. We provide you with all kinds of cool toys like state of the art sensors, robots, workspace and testing area so you can focus on making that great idea of yours a reality :) GiR positions might lead to a paid internship or permanent placement depending on the candidate’s fit to our culture and technical excellence.

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